TANGENS is an office furniture system born out of today’s circumstances and rapidly changing work environments. Our goal is to combine the comfort of a home office with the modularity required for the contemporary agile workspace with a sustainable approach.


The ease of variabilit makes Tangens the ideal equipment for an agile workspace: the furni- ture seamlessly follows and helps dynamically changing work processes, team compositions, and functional needs.


Long term – that is the motto of the production. Quality, durability, sustainability and long-term design were key factors during manufacturing. A respect for nature, the use of sustainable materials, recycling and circularity are all important values for us. The high-quality materials withstand constant load, Cotangens was built to last in any kind of outdoor weather. The use of sustainable materials shows reverence for the future, and the power of nature.


The collections are designed for the individual and the community alike, with strong character yet endless variability.

We paid special attention to our seating furniture elements. The hard, stretched seating surfaces and the increased seat heigh are both optimal in maintaining concentration, and supporting our body. We are all different: the wide seating surfaces are comfortable for all body shapes and can be easily adapted with a wide range of additional cushions.


The ease of variability makes Tangens and Cotangens the ideal equipment for community spaces for every occasion: agile workspaces, hotel lobbies, cozy coffee terrace, a lounge bar in the garden. Every occasion is different – with Tangens or Cotangens it’s easy to find the right setup, because they are effortlessly variable. Whatever the choice, the elements will harmonise with their carefully matched color palette and structurally matching designs.


The Tangens Concept focuses on the value of human relationships in today’s changed circumstances.

Values we missed for so long, touch, embrace and human connections – manifesting themselves in features and details of the furniture elements.The curved tubular frame – which wraps around the delicate materials – shows a respect for tradition, recalling the graphic Bauhaus world.

By the post-pandemic era, our communal activities have significantly shifted outdoors, Cotangens is a furniture family inspired by this shift. Tangens is adapting to modern work and community environments.